Birthstone Significance

A timeless tradition, birthstones connect your month of birth with the beauty and symbolism of our earth’s most prized gemstones. Believed to enhance wellbeing for their wearer, each birthstone is known for its own unique holistic properties and make meaningful gifts, and beautiful fine jewellery centerpieces.

Birthstone Origins

Birthstones can be traced back to the book of Exodus in the Bible. The breastplate of Aaron is described to have been adorned with 12 gemstones. In the 1st century AD, and later again in the 5th century, two scholars named Flavius Josephus and Saint Jerome respectively, are credited with associating each of the 12 gemstones in Aaron’s breastplate with the 12 signs of the zodiac. In the 18th century birthstones gained popularity and continue to be prized possessions symbolizing various meanings associated with each specific month.

Birthstones By Month

Each month has its own unique birthstone (sometimes more than one) with their own significant colors and meanings. Below is a description of birthstones for each month of the calendar year:

January Birthstone: Garnet Garnet Color: Yellow-green to deep orange-red. Garnet Meaning: Prosperity, strength, and empowerment.

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February Birthstone: Amethyst Amethyst Color: Lavender purple hues to dark purple-black shades. Amethyst Meaning: Spiritual protection, purification, and cleansing.
March Birthstone: Aquamarine Aquamarine Color: Delicate light blue to bright bluish green. Aquamarine Meaning: Calming, soothing, and trust.

April Birthstone: Diamond Diamond Color: Colorless to whites, grays, yellows, browns, pinks, reds, and blues. Diamond Meaning: Purity, innocence, invincibility, and love.

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May Birthstone: Emerald Emerald Color: Light yellow-green to deep blue-green tones. Emerald Meaning: Unity, compassion, and unconditional love.

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June Birthstone: Alexandrite or Moonstone Alexandrite Color: Green-blue to yellow-green in daylight and pinkish-red by night. Alexandrite Meaning: Luck, good fortune, and love. Moonstone Color: Colorless to yellow, and grey. Moonstone Meaning: New beginnings, inner growth, and strength.

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July Birthstone: Ruby Ruby Color: Vivid-red to orange-red and pinkish-red. Ruby Meaning: Love, energy, and passion.

August Birthstone: Peridot or Spinel Peridot Color: Yellow-green to dark, olive-green. Peridot Meaning: Strength, spirituality, and expression. Spinel Color: Lilac to intense blue, purple, pink, red, and grey. Spinel Meaning: Joy, hope, and revitalization.

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September Birthstone: Sapphire Sapphire Color: Royal blue, to green, yellow, orange, delicate pink, and purple. Sapphire Meaning: Faithfulness, good fortune, and virtue.

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October Birthstone: Tourmaline or Opal Tourmaline Color: Pink, red, green, blue and multicolored hues. Tourmaline Meaning: Spirituality, wisdom, and growth. Opal Color: Spectrals colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Opal Meaning: Love, passion, and faithfulness.

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November Birthstone: Topaz or Citrine Topaz Color: Reds and pinks to purple, orange, brown, blue, and green tones. Topaz Meaning: Honesty, affection, and eternal romance. Citrine Color: Pale lemon-yellow to dark orangey-brown. Citrine Meaning: Creativity, motivation, and self-expression.

December Birthstone: Tanzanite or Zircon Tanzanite Color: Brilliant blue to bluish purple. Tanzanite Meaning: Truth, dignity, and spiritual mastery. Zircon Color: Colorless, gold, and brown to blue and green tones. Zircon Meaning: Healing, prosperity, and honor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Birthstones are gemstones, mined from our earth. The concept of birthstones can be traced back to the book of Exodus in the Bible, where the breastplate of Aaron is described to have been adorned with 12 gemstones. Each of the 12 gemstones in Aaron’s breastplate were later associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac. In the 18th century, birthstones gained popularity and now are widely known to represent each of the 12 months of the year.

January’s birthstone: garnet
February’s birthstone: amethyst
March’s birthstone: aquamarine
April’s birthstone: diamond
May’s birthstone: emerald
June’s birthstone: alexandrite or moonstone
July’s birthstone: ruby
August’s birthstone: peridot or spinel
September’s birthstone: sapphire
October’s birthstone: tourmaline or opal
November’s birthstone: topaz or citrine
December’s birthstone: tanzanite or zircon

January’s birthstone: yellow-green to deep orange-red garnet
February’s birthstone: purple amethyst
March’s birthstone: light blue to blue-green aquamarine
April’s birthstone: colorless or colored diamond
May’s birthstone: green emerald
June’s birthstone: color-changing alexandrite or colorless to grey moonstone
July’s birthstone: red ruby
August’s birthstone: green peridot and lilac to red spinel
September’s birthstone: purple, pink, orange, blue, or green sapphire
October’s birthstone: multi-colored tourmaline or multi-colored opal
November’s birthstone: red to green topaz or yellow to orange citrine
December’s birthstone: blue tanzanite or colorless to gold or green zircon

January’s birthstone meaning: prosperity, strength, and empowerment (garnet)
February’s birthstone meaning: spiritual protection, purification, and cleansing (amethyst)
March’s birthstone meaning: calming, soothing, and trust (aquamarine)
April’s birthstone meaning: purity, innocence, invincibility, and love (diamond)
May’s birthstone meaning: unity, compassion, and unconditional love (emerald)

June’s birthstone meaning: luck, good fortune, and love (alexandrite); new beginnings, inner
growth, and strength (moonstone).
July’s birthstone meaning: love, energy, and passion (ruby)
August’s birthstone meaning: strength, spirituality, and expression (peridot); joy, hope, and
revitalization (spinel)
September’s birthstone meaning: faithfulness, good fortune, and virtue
October’s birthstone meaning: spirituality, wisdom, and growth (tourmaline); love, passion, and
faithfulness (opal)
November’s birthstone meaning: honesty, affection, and eternal romance (topaz); creativity,
motivation, and self-expression (citrine)
December’s birthstone meaning: truth, dignity, and spiritual mastery (tanzanite); healing,
prosperity, and honor (zircon)

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