Garnet Color

Garnets come in a variety of species and each species of garnet has its own selection of beautiful hues. The colour options are, therefore, very broad and range from colorless, to yellow, orange, red, and green. Within each colour range there is also an array of intensities, from delicate pale tones to deep, vibrant shades.

Garnet Carat Weight

Due to the wide variety of garnet species, garnets are available in numerous sizes and carat weights. Some of the rarer garnets, such as the tsavorite tend to be smaller, while more commonly mined garnets are available in larger carat weights. Because larger garnets are widely available, there is less of a value increase as the carat weight increases when compared with other gemstones.

Garnet Cut

The majority of garnets are cut into standard gemstone shapes to cater to popular appeal. More valuable garnets are typically cut into the shape that maximizes their size and weight.

Garnet Clarity

The type of garnet has a great deal to do with its typical clarity. Vibrant red garnets, for example, do not usually have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye, while gentle orange-toned garnets often do have visible inclusions.

Garnet Origins

Garnets are found in metamorphosed and igneous rocks and form under the high temperatures and pressures that create those rocks.

Canada, China, Russia, the United States, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania are all home to garnet mines. The value of a garnet has little to do with its origin and more to do with its variety, colour, and clarity.

Garnet Meaning

Known as the stone of self-empowerment, the garnet symbolizes prosperity, strength, and abundance.

The garnet is the birthstone of the month of January and the 2nd marriage anniversary.

Garnet Durability

While garnets are tough enough to be durable for all fine jewellery creations, they do need to be treated with proper care, and gentle wear is recommended.

Garnet Enhancements

Heat treatments and colour enhancements have proved ineffective on garnets, so their colour is always natural. That said, many synthetic garnets are now produced, so we take care to only source natural garnets from reputable mines and always provide a certificate of authenticity with Gemdaia gemstone sales.

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