Tsavorite Color

The tsavorite’s beautiful green colour is believed to be due to vanadium and traces of chromium in the gemstone. While tsavorites are not quite as deep green as emeralds their brilliant hues are nonetheless equally radiant. Tsavorites with the most intense green colour tend to be the most valuable, but other magnificent shades of green, such as yellowish green, are also sought-after.

Tsavorite Carat Weight

Most tsavorites weigh less than 3 carats, while select, very rare tsavorites can weigh up to 20 carats.

Tsavorite Cut

Since tsavorites of 1 to 3 carats typically only have minor inclusions, they can easily be cut into a variety of shapes. Ovals and cushion cuts are the most common tsavorite cut, but brilliant-round and emerald cuts are also popular.

Tsavorite Clarity

Most tsavorites have few to no inclusions visible to the naked eye. Their inherent clarity is part of their natural beauty and makes their vibrant green hues irresistible.

Tsavorite Origins

Tsavorites form in Neoproterozoic metamorphic events which involve the folding and refolding of rock.

First discovered in Tanzania, but unable to be traded due to government restrictions, tsavorites were named after their first commercially viable discovery in Tsavo West National Park, Kenya. Extremely rare, tsavorites and still only found in Africa to this day.

Tsavorite Meaning

Known as the stone of compassion, prosperity and vitality, tsavorites are believed to help their wearer discover their own beauty, and recognize the beauty of others.

Tsavorite Durability

Tougher than the emerald, but with the same Mohs hardness ranking and scratch resistance, tsavorites are typically free of inclusions, making them durable for everyday wear.

Tsavorite Enhancements

Sometimes called “the most honest gemstone,” tsavorites have no enhancement or treatment options and are, therefore, known for their natural purity.

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