Alexandrite Color

The appeal and mysteriousness of the alexandrite lies in its ever-changing colour. When viewed in broad daylight the gemstone appears greenish blue, or yellow-green and is reminiscent of an emerald. At night, by incandescent light or candle light, the colour appears to be pinkish-red, reminiscent of a ruby. The more vivid the colour change, the more valuable the alexandrite tends to be.

Alexandrite Carat Weight

The majority of alexandrites weigh under 1 carat, in fact, it is considered rare to find an alexandrite that weighs over 0.25 in carat weight. There are, however, extremely rare alexandrites that weigh between 5 and 20 carats.

Alexandrite Cut

Due to their rarity, alexandrites are almost always cut to maximize their weight retention, minimize their visible inclusions, and capture their most vivid colors. Oval, cushion, and emerald cuts are the most commonly available shapes of alexandrites and, because alexandrites are so rare, even less symmetrical cuts can be highly valuable.

Alexandrite Clarity

Alexandrite are accepted to have heavy inclusions due to their volcanic formation in the presence of numerous minerals that naturally create tiny flaws. Alexandrites with no visible inclusions to the naked eye are very rare.

Alexandrite Origins

Alexandrites are a variety of chrysoberyl mineral and form through volcanic heat and pressure when aluminum and beryllium combine with elements of chromium, iron, and titanium.

Originally discovered in Russia, alexandrites are now also mined in Brazil, East Africa, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. Russian alexandrites are extremely rare and difficult to come by, and Brazilian alexandrites are the next rarest, and are also highly prized.

Alexandrite Meaning

A symbol of good fortune, alexandrites are believed to attract good luck and love. The holistic properties of the alexandrite are also thought to bring balance between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

Alexandrite Durability

Only slightly less durable than sapphires and rubies, alexandrites are hard enough to endure everyday wear.

Alexandrite Enhancements

There are no currently known treatment options to enhance alexandrites. However, synthetic versions of alexandrites are produced and can appear deceptively real. For this reason, every Gemdaia gemstone purchase comes with an independent authentication certificate to verify the gemstone's naturalness and quality.

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