September Birthstone: Sapphires

It seemed we were just in the midst of summer, and before we knew it Fall is upon us, and what better way to celebrate special occasions at the start of fall than with September’s gemstone: Sapphire?

In this article we will cover various topics that will help you learn more about this famed gem that has captured the love of celebrities and royalty alike. 

  • What are Sapphires?
  • What do Sapphires Represent?
  • September Birthstone: Sapphire Gift Ideas
    • For the Minimalist
    • For the Maximalist
    • September Anniversaries
    • September Engagement 

What are Sapphires?

Blue Sapphires are the blue variety of the mineral corundum, and the red variety of corundum, is Ruby! Sapphire’s color is due to the presence of the chemical titanium and iron, the more titanium and iron, the more intense the color. The most sought after Sapphires are a vivid royal blue color with a violetish tinge. Most Sapphires, regardless of the color, on the market are heat-treated to improve color and transparency in order to increase its market value. Natural untreated Sapphires are therefore increasingly rare and thus able to hold its value overtime, making it an heirloom worthy investment. A royal example is Princess Diana’s beautiful Sapphire engagement ring, now Kate Middleton’s! If you’re looking to propose this Fall, add a royal flare by proposing to her with a Royal Wedding worthy ring.


What do Sapphires Represent? 

Blue Sapphires have been popular since they were first discovered in antiquity. Ancient Persians believed that the sky was painted blue by the reflection of Sapphires. Since the Middle Ages, Sapphires have been associated with the heavens, and nobility and church officials wore Sapphires for good fortune. 

September Gift Ideas

A beautiful, well crafted piece of jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving, and there’s nothing more fitting than Sapphire jewelry in September.

Even though the ubiquitous Blue Sapphire is what people think about when they refer to the September birthstone, Sapphires are found in practically every color under the sun. You are certainly spoiled for choices whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or an important anniversary this month. Below are some gift ideas that will delight both the minimalist and maximalist in your life. 

For the Minimalist 


Stackable rings in gold or platinum are a timeless gift that can be easily mixed and matched with your loved ones existing jewelry. This September, surprise him or her with a classic Sapphire eternity ring with your choice of gold color, or go full bling with our multicolored Sapphire eternity ring.

If rings aren’t their style, a simple pair of Sapphire stud earrings or hoops can dress up any outfit. Dainty, barely-there necklaces that can be layered or worn by itself to the office, then the beach to catch the sunset are another great choice for the minimalist in your life. 

Best of all, since Sapphires come in such a wide range of colors, you can select her favorite color Sapphire for her jewelry with our custom jewelry design tool

For the Maximalist 


The maximalist in your life knows what he or she wants, and has the style to match. Gift your beloved September-born maximalist Sapphire jewelry he or she will cherish forever like this Sapphire cocktail ring flanked by diamonds, or statement dangling earrings. Or better yet, how about an investment worthy sapphire riviere necklace? Our Bespoke Service specialists can help you source your dream gemstone to create anything you might envision.

September Anniversary Gifts 

If your anniversary happens to fall in September, then what better way to celebrate the occasion than a beautiful Sapphire ring? Traditionally, Sapphires were the 45th anniversary gemstone, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait 45 years to gift some fabulous jewelry! Surprise her in September with an unconventional Padparadscha Sapphire ring that is sure to turn heads as you mark another year together. 

Sapphire Engagement Ring



It’s no wonder that Princess Eugenie of York’s engagement ring drew so much fanfare in 2018 when it was revealed to be a beautiful salmon Padparadscha Sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds. And who can forget Princess Diana’s famous Blue Sapphire ring that captured the hearts and imagination of women and men around the world? If you are planning on proposing in September, give her the royal treatment with our selection of natural Sapphire rings, or level up your engagement ring game and design your own with our online jewel creation tool. Consult with our jewelry experts from the comfort of your own home, and our online Bespoke service will guide you every step of the way from sourcing your Sapphire, to designing and crafting your ring. 

If you’d like to learn more about Sapphires check out our Sapphire Guide that will help you select the perfect gemstone for your needs, or follow our Blog for more fun and informative articles about our gems and jewelry.