December Jewellery Gifts: The Holiday Edit 

It’s hard to believe that we’re in the final stretch of 2021. But here we are, well into the Fall with the Holiday Season quickly approaching. Here at Gemdaia, we’ve rounded up a Holiday Wishlist of the favorite jewelry from our collection, and some more sparkling ideas for you to fill beneath the tree and in your stockings. 
For our holiday edit, we’re focusing on:
  • Our new designs, fresh off the bench 
  • Big bold colors for the holiday season
  • Understated luxury 
  • December birthstones for December celebrations
New Baubles on the Block
The newest addition to our jewelry collection is our beautiful natural Sapphire eternity band. Designed for stacking, it is ideal for everyday wear on its own, stacked with your existing rings, or one of our showstoppers like our natural Padpradscha halo ring. Gift them separately, together or play with the type of gemstone or materials with our custom  jewelry creation tool. 


Season of Color

One can’t talk about gemstones without talking color, and the Holiday Season is the perfect time to turn it up a notch. We plan on finishing this year in big bold colors. Whether that means stacking each finger full of bezel-set colored natural gemstone rings with matching colorful eternity bands, or a statement pair of natural Emerald earrings and matching Emerald ring, we’ve got you covered. 

Understated Luxury

Perhaps large statement rings or extravagant designs are not your thing. For an understated look that doesn’t compromise on quality we have our line of sleek, ultra thin settings where the stone takes centre stage. Whether you’re looking for a classic Diamond solitaire, or even an elegant and unique rare Padparadscha Sapphire ring, or a pair of sleek natural Blue Sapphire earrings,  we have something for everyone. And if our selection of stones don’t suit your fancy, you can select your favorite gemstone and preferred setting with our custom jewelry tool.  
December Birthstones (three is better than one)
And of course we can’t talk about the holidays without getting into December’s birthstone! Beat the winter blues with the line up of December’s gemstones Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon. 
Beloved since antiquity, Turquoise comes in all hues of the sea from the common greenish blue stones with black veins, to solid robin’s egg blue. Perfect for everyday wear, Turquoise jewelry is an excellent gift for someone who wears jewelry daily. 
Tanzanite on the other hand, is a striking blue-violet variety of the mineral zoisite that is only found in Tanzania. It’s eye-catching color and extreme rarity makes it a wonderful centre stone for cocktail rings or statement necklaces – a must for year-end parties. In a setting similar to our Sapphire halo ring, it is sure to turn heads and make the wearer the talk of the party.
Finally December is also the month of Zircons! Not to be confused with the Diamond simulant cubic zirconia, Zircons are beautiful natural gemstones that come in a variety of colors. Zircons have a high refractive index meaning it reflects light remarkably well, so when set in jewelry, they will display a wonderful brilliance and sparkle. 
December babies are spoiled for choice with not one, but three fantastic birthstones to choose from, and if you or your special someone is celebrating an occasion in December, why not mark the event with one of December’s gemstones? With our custom jewelry creation tool, you can easily pick any gemstone you wish and our team of experts will assist you in the design and creation of your jewelry. 
We hope you enjoyed our roundup of what we’d like to see under the Christmas tree this year and if you would like to learn more about the fascinating world of gems, be sure to check out our blog and gemstone guides.