Unique Jewelry Ideas For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is just around the corner and if that makes you anxious, don’t worry. It’s a completely natural sensation every person feels when deciding on a gift for your significant other. What gift can I get her? How do I make my gesture special? Will she like it? These are all of course, very frequently occurring questions to many people by the time February comes around.

If you’re looking for a romantic and expressive gift, jewelry is without a doubt one of the most desirable presents that a lady could ask for. As a trusted jeweler to many discerning clients, we at Gemdaia have some suggestions that can make this valentine’s day unforgettable and special to your loved one.

There are a wide variety of jewels and jewelry items that make for the perfect expression of love on valentine’s day. From custom jewelry to unique jewels that express different shades of passion, a wide range of choices are available for anyone looking for the perfect gift.

So, without any further ado, here are our ideas for an unforgettable valentine’s day jewelry gift.

1. Custom-Made Rings

The best gifts are also the most personal. Custom-made rings are a great option for a personalized gift. Everyone loves something that speaks to their heart and resonates with their identity, and as far as valentine’s day gifts go, not many presents say “I love you” better than a bespoke ring.

The next question is – where do you get one made? Fortunately, you don’t have to look much further. We at Gemdaia create bespoke rings that are beautifully expressive and can amaze your valentine. The best part is that you can design it yourself on our online custom-jewelry design portal. You can choose from a variety of splendid gemstones, colors, cuts, and ring settings to create the perfect ring that expresses your love like no other. 

You can also give your ring an extra touch of romance by engraving her name and making it even more special.

Running out of time to get your gift? There’s no reason to panic because you can fast-track your custom ring by choosing a readily available gemstone from our online shop.

2. Heart-shaped Gemstones

The shape of the heart is a timeless symbol of love, and what better gesture of your love than a heart shaped gemstone? A heart-shaped gemstone, be it a sapphire, ruby, or diamond, becomes a timeless romantic expression once set in a ring. Other stones such as spinel, fancy sapphires, and colored diamonds too are great choices to craft a heart-shaped jewel.

If you find yourself wanting a unique gemstone for your valentine’s day gift, we have a beautiful and tastefully crafted heart-shaped gemstone readily available in our store. Its pinkish-orange hue and clarity make this elegant looking beauty the perfect centerpiece for a romantic and tasteful valentine’s day present.

3. Ruby Rings

Rubies are prized gemstones and are the perfect choice for a valentine’s day gift that radiates passion while being agelessly in vogue. Rubies express love with an intensity that is unmatched among all other gemstones. Their rarity and deep-red color makes them highly sought after gemstones for rings, and there is little that could compare to a valentine’s day gift of a ring set with a ruby.

If you are looking for an exquisite ruby to make the ultimate romantic expression this valentine’s day, we have the perfect jewels for you. These two exquisite natural 1.55 carat and 1.86 carat Mozambican rubies in our online shop are ideal accompaniments to any ring.

You can add these beautiful gemstones to a gorgeous ring in our online shop. We can help you make a personalized ring that is bound to mesmerize your lover and win her undying admiration this valentine’s day.

4. Pink Sapphire Jewelry

Pink is the perfect color to express tenderness and affection. Jewelry made out of pink gemstones are a popular valentine’s day gift the world over for good reason. Pink sapphires are a great choice of gemstone for a valentine’s day gift. Their vivid color and natural brilliance make them enchanting gemstones that express romance like none other.

You don’t have to search too hard to find these rare gemstones thanks to these two fine 2.09 carat and 2.55 carat natural pink sapphires available in our online store. Not only are they ideal jewels for valentine’s day rings, they also are a more affordable option of gemstone in comparison to diamonds and rubies. These exquisite jewels are meant to be in a romantic gift, and they can be the centrepiece ideal valentine’s day ring for your significant other.

5. Spinel Jewelry

Spinel is a vivid and colorful gemstone that has the ability to easily impress. Although spinel isn’t as popular as the gemstones mentioned above, it does not compromise on beauty. These stones come in vivid red and pink colors and are naturally more vibrant than most gemstones. We have no doubt that a jewelry set with spinel will excite your lover’s imagination.

One of the best things about spinel is that it is more affordable than the aforesaid gemstones and offers great value for money. Our online store currently has an impeccable 1.54 carat dazzling pink spinel and a 2.10 carat lavender spinel in stock. Our online ring customization service can help you make a spinel-set ring that can make an unforgettable gift for your partner this valentine’s day.

6. Birthstone Jewelry

If you want to speak to her heart, then a jewelry set with a birthstone can be the perfect gesture. Birthstones are the ideal symbol for your loved one’s personality. They are a meaningful expression of your admiration and symbolize a deep connection to her character.

If you are searching for the ideal birthstone jewelry, take a look at our custom jewelry creation tool. Not only does it give you a range of choices to design a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, it will it guide you in a simple and informative way to help you make the correct choice for your companion.


Gemstone jewelry is a valentine’s day gift that is bound to make the perfect impression on your loved one. You can use our valentine’s day gifting recommendations to find the ideal piece of gemstone jewelry for your budget. Our online custom jewelry portal is a helpful, hassle-free tool that can help you select the gemstone of your choice and design your own ring, with our expertise close at hand.

This valentine’s day, we at Gemdaia will be making it extra-special for you for orders placed before the 28th of January. Not only will you receive exquisite gemstone jewelry of the highest quality, we will be sending you a complimentary bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, and an exotic scented candle (all on us, of course) to help you celebrate this special day of love.

Get in touch with us and let us help you find the perfect gift for an unforgettable valentine’s day!

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