Diamond vs. Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

So you drafted your speech, picked your outfit, came up with a gameplan, and practiced for the nth time with your mutual friends and family for the big day: the day you pop the question. And all you’re missing is the last piece of the puzzle: the ring.

But with so many options to choose from and so many opinions coming at you from all directions, it can be really hard to make a decision without second guessing yourself. One of the questions we receive constantly is whether to choose a diamond or gemstone engagement ring. 

In this article we will provide our insights into this very topic by breaking it down into several topics:

  • Your budget
  • Her lifestyle
  • Her personal style 
  • Final thoughts

First things first, your budget. 

While you definitely want to get the best ring possible that your significant other will absolutely love, you also need to be conscious about your budget when selecting a ring. The price of the ring is determined by the size of the centre stone, the type of stone, and of course the quality of the stone. 

Diamond engagement rings usually have a standardised pricing structure because diamonds are graded according to a well defined standard. In contrast, characteristics that don’t impact diamond price such as origin may greatly influence colored stone pricing. Understanding and sticking to your budget when browsing rings will help you get a good idea of the kind of quality that’s available for that budget. 

Our pricing guides for various gemstones, and informative blog on the importance of certificates will also help you make an informed decision to get the best bang for your buck when deciding between rings, regardless of whether you choose to go for a diamond or a colored stone engagement ring


Her lifestyle 

Ideally, you’d want to propose with an engagement ring your significant other can wear everyday as a testament to your love.That’s when lifestyle can come into play. Depending on the gemstone you choose, your significant other’s lifestyle can greatly affect which stone might be the wisest choice. 

In our gemstone guides, we talk about the hardness and durability of gemstones. Diamonds trump every other stone in the hardness aspect because it is the hardest natural material, with sapphires coming at a close second. However, because of diamond’s crystal structure, they’re not the toughest as they can chip if struck at a certain angle. Sapphires on the other hand, are both hard and tough making them very durable, which is ideal for everyday wear. If she is a very active person an emerald ring for example would be a poor choice because emeralds aren’t the most durable of gems.

Something else to consider may be if her job entails a lot of hands on work that a larger ring might get in the way of her day to day routine regardless of what kind of gemstone you choose.

Her personal style 

The ring MUST fit her personality and style because she is the one who will be wearing it everyday! When you look for an engagement ring, focus on finding a ring that will compliment her style no matter the outfit or occasion. Do you think she will be happier with a diamond or a colored stone? 

Perhaps she’s on the traditional side and would like a diamond solitaire, or she likes to stand out from the crowd with a show stopping Padpadrascha sapphire engagement ring. Does she have a more minimalist style where a solitaire set in a whisper thin claw setting is best, or is she a fashionista who would prefer a bolder colored stone flanked by diamonds

Maybe her favorite color is blue and a beautiful blue sapphire ring fit for royalty is the ring of her dreams. Diamonds and colored gemstones have rich histories and can have deep symbolic meaning that can add a romantic touch to the ring.

In addition to complimenting her style, you can select a ring that represents you too so whenever she looks down at that ring, it’s an intimate reminder of her significant other and your milestone together. Perhaps both your anniversary and your significant other’s birthday falls in September, so a sapphire, the birthstone of September, would be the stone of choice for your engagement ring. 


Final thoughts 

Ultimately, your significant other will be the one wearing the ring. Naturally, the most important aspect of deciding whether you should buy a diamond or colored stone engagement ring will depend on her preference. After taking her lifestyle into consideration, you can start looking for the perfect ring to fit your budget. 

If after going through our pricing guides and educational articles you still have questions, fret not, here at Gemdaia, we aim to make your experience of finding the perfect engagement ring as seamless as possible. Our team of experts are here to support you on your search through our consultation service and our online Bespoke Service, to help bring your perfect design to life.  

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