6 Trending Ring Styles For 2021


For those of you who are looking to buy or gift a ring, a new year is also the time to take a look at the latest trends that will deliver that extra bit of glamor that we all secretly desire.

Whether you are looking to make a dazzling fashion statement or counting down time to pop the ultimate question to your beloved, checking out these trending gemstone ring styles will help you make the perfect choice. 

And always remember, if you are still undecided after this, you can speak to us to create a bespoke gemstone ring that is bound to be a timeless expression of love.

So without any further adieu, let’s take a look at our predictions for gemstone ring styles in 2021.

1. Asscher Cut Gemstone Rings

The Asscher cut is an enduringly popular gemstone ring style in the world of jewelry. In fact, the Asscher cut was the first ever patented signature gemstone cut, created by the Asscher Brothers of Holland in 1902.

Gemstones cut in this method have a square shape that is rounded at the edges. They have a high crown, a deep pavilion, and large step facets that enhance the sparkle of any gemstone. Asscher cut stones have been a lastingly popular choice for those who like a vintage touch to their style.

We at Gemdaia believe that Asscher cut gemstone rings will be in vogue in 2021. This natural, 4.01 carat yellow sapphire in our store is a rare and elegant Asscher cut gemstone that will look amazing in a variety of ring setting styles.

2. Halo Ring Settings

Want an elegant and lavish ring for an unforgettable expression of love? Then a halo ring setting can be the ideal choice for you. We at Gemdaia are confident that halo rings will be a trending choice among jewelry shoppers in 2021.  

Halo ring settings feature a dazzling center stone that is accentuated with smaller accent stones around it. Diamonds are generally used as the accent stones in this ring style.

Center stones on halo rings usually feature oval or cushion shaped gemstones. The diamonds used to accent the center stone helps it look bigger while enhancing its sparkle and luster.

This natural oval cut blue sapphire or this natural oval cut pink spinel in our store can be the ideal centerpiece for a one-of-a-kind ring that is guaranteed to mesmerize.

3. Ethically Sourced Colored Gemstone Rings

If there’s something that the world needs right now, ethically informed purchasing should definitely be at the top of the priorities list. Not only are ethically sourced gemstone rings good for mining communities and artisanal miners, they have been rising in demand among jewelry buyers over the recent years.

Discerning consumers nowadays are becoming progressively more aware of gemstones that come from conflict areas and unsatisfactory working conditions. As a result, colored gemstones are increasingly becoming the preferred choice over diamonds for many patrons around the world owing to greater traceability and transparency in their trade.

This ethically sourced natural pink sapphire in our store, for example, can be an ideal alternative to an untraceable diamond ring with dubious origins. We at Gemdaia pride ourselves in sourcing 100% ethical natural gemstones directly from partner mines. We also predict that ethically sourced colored gemstones will be a strong frontrunner among jewelry trends in 2021.

4. Whisper-thin Bands

Looking for a simple, yet beautiful ring that can express love in all its purity? Then a whisper-thin banded ring could be exactly what you were looking for. Simple sophistication is very much in vogue today, and we believe that whisper-thin banded rings will be one of the leading jewelry trends for 2021.

The most defining feature of this ring style is a simple, thin band that highlights the centerpiece and showcases its beauty. For example, this 2.10 carat natural lavender spinel and this 3.26 carat natural green sapphire in our store are perfect choices for a whisper-thin banded ring.

These rings are popular push presents for expectant mothers and they also make great birthday and anniversary gifts for your loved one.

5. East-West Rings

East-west rings feature a center stone that is oriented horizontally instead of vertically. While vertically oriented gemstones are the preferred choice for most, east-west rings are an unconventional yet tasteful choice of gemstone setting for a ring.

The east-west setting works best with rectangular, long cushion shaped, and emerald cut center stones. Stones like this cushion cut natural yellow sapphire and this natural cushion cut ruby in our store are ideal picks for rings with an east-west setting.

More and more people are beginning to drift away from conventional ring styles to explore lesser-known alternatives. That’s why we at Gemdaia strongly believe that east-west rings will be a trend to keep a track of in 2021.

6. 3-Stone Trilogy Rings

If you want a dazzling ring that radiates style and class, then a 3-stone trilogy ring could be your perfect match. These rings are defined by a larger center stone that is accompanied by two smaller gemstones on either side. Diamonds are the preferred choice for accompanying stones in 3-stone trilogy rings.

We believe that 2021 will be a year that will see a rising demand for 3-stone trilogy rings, and should be a trend worth keeping an eye on. If you are looking for the ideal center stone for a 3-stone trilogy ring, this exquisite natural ruby in our store may be just what you’re looking for.


If you are looking for engagement ring ideas or gemstone ring styles that can create an unforgettable impression, keeping an eye out for new trends in 2021 will definitely help your cause. Not only do these trends give you a good idea of popular ring styles, they will also allow you to create a highly personalized gift.

We at Gemdaia can give you a wide range of gemstone options and ring setting styles to help you make a custom ring to suit any occasion. Our online shop has a variety of impeccable gemstones to choose from and our custom jewelry design portal can help you create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry from the comfort of your own home.

We hope this article helps you find an unforgettable piece of jewelry for the love of your life. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some expert guidance in your search!  

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