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What began as a mission to make quality gemstones affordable and bespoke jewellery
accessible, became something bigger than we ever imagined…

Redefining Gemstone Jewellery Creation

In an era of accessibility, Gemdaia set out to make fine jewellery purchasing easier. First, we eliminated the middle man, by partnering with honest miners and gemstone dealers to offer you mine-to-market gemstones at affordable prices. Second, we removed the need for commission-driven sales representatives, by providing an entirely digital ordering process that suits our digital age. Third, we embraced technology and the recent advancements in image capturing and video quality, to enable you to be a part of the custom jewellery design journey from the comfort of your own home…or anywhere else in the world where you might be.

Our mission is simple: To make gemstones affordable and bespoke jewellery accessible, while honoring our earth and its people.

The Source

After nearly a decade in the gemstone wholesale business, deep family roots in the trade, and years of first-hand knowledge and experience specializing in the sourcing of high-quality and rare gemstones, we couldn’t help but notice two major flaws in the system:

1. The gemstones we sourced for stores were marked up to cover overhead costs.
2. The sales process was intimidating, confusing, commodity-based, and inconvenient.

Our admiration for fine gemstones, paired with our deep respect for our earth from whence they come, drove us to create change in the industry we have grown to love. We believe in a world where gemstones are accessible and affordable, and the purchasing process is personalized and memorable—and so Gemdaia private jewelers was born.

The relationships we have built and cultivated with a vast and trusted network of mines, artisanal miners, and ethical gemstone dealers enables us to source gemstones of the highest quality from everywhere in the world. By doing so, we eliminate the middleman and give the price benefit back to you, without compromising on quality or service.

Our intuitive Bespoke Jewellery Creation Form turns a once exclusive and intimidating purchasing process into a step-by-step guide to selecting your preferred gemstone and designing your ideal piece online. The process is transparent, honest, and convenient. No sales reps. No pressure. Just easy ordering, with personalized online guidance and expert support whenever you need it.


Ethically-sourced, conflict-free mine-to-market


Bespoke gemstone jewellery creation that enables you to custom design every detail.


Verified gemstone quality & guarantee authenticity


Return within 7 days for full refund without any questions


100% insured. No matter the how much the cost is


Expert guidance & personalized updates every step of the custom creation process.


See your gemstone before purchasing


Expert guidance & personalized updates every step of the custom creation process.

Responsible Sourcing

When you place a gemstone request with Gemdaia, we act as your jewellery concierge and set out to source the best gemstones available to meet your requirements. No matter how rare your gemstone request is, or how detailed your specifications are, we will find the perfect gemstone for you. All our gemstones are 100% natural, ethically earth-mined, and conflict-free. Every gemstone we sell comes with a Gemdaia Quality Guarantee and an authentication certificate from an independent gemstone laboratory.

Bespoke Artistry

First we listen to your bespoke jewellery request and then we set out to custom create it. Our specialist team of Gemdaia jewellery artisans are experts in fine jewellery design and hand-crafted creation. We begin by bringing your request to life through detailed sketches and 3D CAD drawings, sharing photographs and videos with you to show you a true-to-life replica. Our artisans then create your custom piece using specialty technology and expert precision, and we include you in the process every step of the way. The result is one-of-a-kind jewellery that is timeless, unique, and distinctively you.

Online Ordering

Modern life is digital, so we choose to embrace technology. We know you are busy and often the most convenient way to get things done is online, so that’s exactly what we offer you. At Gemdaia, all gemstone jewellery orders are 100% online. But, online doesn’t mean alone. We love to involve you in the sourcing and design process, and share updates with you throughout the jewellery creation journey. We are always here to answer your questions and guide you whenever you would like assistance.

Affordable Pricing

Our mine-to-market relationships enable us to source high-quality gemstones at wholesale prices. This, in turn, enables us to offer you the finest gemstones at the most affordable prices, while supporting and uplifting local mining communities around our globe.

Personalized Experience

Your experience matters to us. We believe buying gemstones and jewellery should be a pleasant and convenient experience where you are never pressured or made to feel intimidated. Shopping for fine jewellery or an engagement ring is a very special and meaningful occasion and we want to make it memorable. We provide the opportunity for you to select the exact gemstone you seek and personalize every aspect of the design, to create your own perfect piece.

The Global Impact

Gemdaia is a unity of the words “gemstone,” “diamond,” and “gaia.” Gaia stems from Greek mythology and is known as “the ancestral mother of all life”—the Mother Earth goddess. To achieve our mission, we are constantly reminded that sourcing ethical gemstones and sparkling diamonds to custom-design gemstone jewellery is just one part of our mission—making a global impact is the other.

It is no secret that many challenges still exist in mines across the world. Safe working conditions, ethical-sourcing, honest profits, and responsible practices are significant concerns in the gemstone trade, and we do our part to make a difference. We carefully select our partners and only support those committed to fair working conditions, conflict-free mining, transparency, and minimizing the impact to our environment.

In Sri Lanka for example, where Gemdaia is headquartered, our mining partners practice low-impact mining that minimizes repercussions to our earth. Known for their Ceylon sapphires, these mines operate in small cooperatives, whereby the artisan miners share the costs, the labor, and the profits from all gemstone sales, and work together as a community to restore mined land once each mining project is complete.

By being selective about who we partner with and which mines we support, we are in turn giving back to our communities and supporting the people and families who make gemstone mining and global distribution possible. We also take steps to pay it forward, donating a percentage of each sale to replant trees and help our earth flourish, and a percentage of our annual profits to communities making a difference in gemstone mining around the globe. But this is only made possible with your support. Every time you choose Gemdaia you are supporting a mission greater than ourselves—our earth and our people.

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